About Us

Fedos sh.p.k. was founded in January 2000 and is located in Tirana, Albania. This company is a family owned business directed from the founder, Dipl. Eng. Fatmir Struga as one of the first specialized Medical Engineers in the country. The company is oriented in trading of medical equipment and consumables with sales and service dedicated people covering all Albanian territory. The company is successfully certified with the Quality Management Standard ISO 9001-2008.

The Company start working in the laboratory field and then growing its business in medical imaging and OR/ICU projects with medical professionals which has more than 20 years of combined experience in marketing, sales and technical support. FEDOS successfully implemented different public and private projects in hospitals, clinics and health centers all over our country. Being one of the first Albanian companies professionally oriented in health care sector, we had the opportunity not only to import but also to export medical equipments and supplies to Kosovo and Macedonia.

The company is focused on the following modalities:

  • Laboratory equipments: accessories and consumables for clinical chemistry, immunology, bacteriology, microbiology, PCR, IVF, research and industry.
  • Surgical Workplaces, Critical Care Units, Cardiac Surgery, Cardiopulmonary from MAQUET
  • Central Sterilization systems from GETINGE.
  • Monitoring Devices: Patient Monitoring devices, telemetry systems and special equipments for ICU/OR units from NIHON KOHDEN.
  • Transfusion Technology: Blood Collection and Processing Bags, Filter Systems, Blood Processing Equipment from FRESENIUS.
  • Consumable materials: Cardiosurgery, Vascular surgery, General surgery, etc.
  • Other fields: Rigid and Flexible Endoscopes (PENTAX), Surgical instruments, ENT/ORL, Physiotherapy, etc.

Our success in expanding our market is based on the qualified service and increasing our product portfolio referring to the market needs. With many successful installed projects, we got the best experience on serving our customers and increasing our reputation in the market. In many projects, FEDOS offers the consulting support at the first steps of the projects providing the right medical solution.

Our mission is to service with enhancement and cost efficiency within healthcare system. Based on our experience in medical field we have the great advantages of:

  • Being a leader in cutting edge medical devices by marketing products, training and technical assistance.
  • Supplying product solutions, consumables, accessories and after sale services on regular basis.
  • Training the medical staff through professional courses for every device we supply.

To be updated with the latest technology, we participate every year in international fairs and congresses. Our company is a partner and sponsor in many national congresses and exhibitions in our country.

With Best Regards,

Med. Eng. Fatmir Struga President