CA-02 Double Channel Coagulometer


  • Friendly software makes it easy to operate
  • Automatic stirring system
  • Accurate measurement, no influence from pathological sample during the test
  • The results are both printed and displayed in second and in concentration. PT data are printed with RATIO AND INR value, all program are stored with personalized parameters.
  • Open system for reagent, low reagent consumption(50-100ul)
  • Automatic storage, printout calculation parameter curve.

Technical Specifications

  • Channel: Double
  • Built-in Incubator: 37degree.centigrade ?.3degree.centigrade, capacity for 2 *16 positions and 2*2 reagent positions
  • Measuring System: Photometric
  • Beam Source: LED
  • Magnetic Stirring Motor: For measuring cuvette
  • Data input: Membrane keypad
  • Display: Back-illuminated LCD
  • Printer: Built-in thermal printer, 58mm width paper
  • Operation Language: English, other language are available on request
  • Power Supply: 110V 60HZ / 220V 50HZ
  • Dimension: 30cm*40cm*15cm
  • Weight: 5.0kg